Open data. We will help you to mine the gold of the 21st century.

Open data is widely available and enables innovative services - the impact can be enormously powerful. The strategy of the Bundesrat - of making official data openly accessible - has led to more transparency in the civil service. This transparency can be highly beneficial. To be clear: access to data over internal and external organisational boundaries makes a company more competitive, allows it to gain new clients, and generates higher turnover.

The manipulation of open data is unfamiliar to many. Not so for itopia. We pioneered and championed all the important open data initiatives in the federal government, in the city of Zurich, and in various cantons. In Order to endorse the use of Open Data our Open Data activist founded the Golliez Open Data Consulting company. Together we consult renowned companies, big and small, in the exploitation of open data.

  • We help you with preliminary studies to recognise the benefit of open data
  • We help you to understand open data as a process and, after the explorative introduction, guide you step by step towards success
  • We consult you on all important questions: Which data can I use? Which data is most commonly used? Which consequences do I have to consider? Which political and legal requirements do I have to take into account? Which organisational and technical arrangements do I have to make?
  • In short: We draft your open data projects, plan them, and lead them to completion. The best part is that our lead always turns into gold.