Do you sometimes ask yourself if you are on the right train?

There are days that shred the nerves. Because the project goes off rails. Because the right people are not on board. Because it’s just not working. 

Our project services are here to get the project back on track. We assist you with independent reviews and assessments when results and costs drift apart, or when there is a lack of systematic project management. We take over:

  • Project setup: We do everything a successful project needs. We reengineer the project organisation so that it’s full steam ahead. We steer, align interests, clarify roles, say what can be delivered, and much more. 
  • Managing and monitoring: We manage projects from a promising beginning to a successful end. We jump in when it’s getting difficult. We monitor projects as coach, as manager, as PMO support, when the project managers need assistance because desired results don’t arrive.
  • Turnaround: Come the crisis, we are in our element. We peer closely where others look away. When uncertainties appear, when know-how is lacking, when risks threaten, we’re the light at the end of the tunnel.